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January 2013:

"Typhoon Pablo Relief Project": Philippines Charity Org. has rebuilt several kindergardens and day care centers in Compostela Valley, Mindanao. In addition Philippines-Charity has helped furnish the victims with essentials to rebuild their livelihood, seedlings, farming&fishing equipment and livestock to help them return to a normal way of life as fast as possible. Hundreds of villages were totally wiped out. And until now thousands of people are left without shelter, food and lifes essentials.

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Compostela Valley after typhoon Pablo (courtesy Leah A. Valle)

Day care center

May 2013: The NCH-cinema-project:

The cinema is completed.

Philippines Charity has  built a cinema for the National Children’s Hospital in Manila.

In this government run hospital lie the sickest and poorest children from all corners of the Philippines. Many of them are terminally ill and await a slow and often painfull passing. Many of them die due to the lack of medicine costing less than PHP 1000.--.

The drama and suffering in the NCH is beyond description. Unimaginable is also the parents pain - many of them stay close to their children in the rooms, sleeping on plastic chairs night after night, on the floor or not at all, watching their children die before their eyes... and having nothing whatsoever to distract them. A cinema experience once a day is bringing a little distraction and happiness to the children and the parents. This is not only something pleasant to look forward to once a day, but this is also supports a holistic treatment and a possible recovery of the patient or at least a delay in progression. Due to so much need in terms of money and medicine a holistic approach is quite often the NCH’s only means of helping the patients.

May 2014: The maternity ward-project:
coming soon...




The Philippines Charity CT-Scan project



The National Children’s Hospital is the biggest pediatric hospital in Manila.
The NCH is the only government-run and funded tertiary hospital solely for pediatric care in the Philippines.This hospital serves the poorest and sickest children from all parts of the Philippine archipelago: Children who cannot be diagnosed, medicated or saved otherwise are sent to the NCH as final resort. In contrast to the highly funded private hospitals, the government run NCH is critically low on monetary support. The dedication of the staff is endless but the financial resources of this government hospital are so limited that numerous children die due to the lack of equipment or even medicines costing no more than 1000.-- Philippine pesos. 17 EURO.

2. THE NCH WITHOUT A CT-SCAN – present situation

CT Scans are the most requested non-routine diagnostic tests for patients of the National Children’s Hospital. In 2010 an average of five CT scans were required per day (1800 per year).
At present all patients receiving a ct-scan are sent to private hospitals. This costs the NCH an average of 2000-13000 PHP (35- 220 EUR) per scan. Only two scans per day could be paid for by the hospitals Social Service (30% of all cash donations go to scans). 85% of these diagnosed children survived (discharged alive, may or may not have non-lethal post surgery complications). 15% of these cases however died due to a delayed diagnosis (not being able to afford a CT scan in time) leading to co-morbidity (pre-existing medical condition leading to another disease, compounded diseases). Others passed away due to inoperability (usually a malignant tumor). Three out of five children were however not ct-scanned due to the lack of money. This led to either death of the child or complications due to late diagnosis if in case they were able to return to the NCH. Over 1000 children died in 2010 due to the lack of money for a ct-scan (NCH).



With a CT-scan the 30% of cash donations currently spent on CT- scans can be redirected to medications and surgery. Considering saving a life can cost as little as 1000 Philippine Pesos (17 EURO) an approximate calculation would be that not less than 300-400 childrens lives can be saved per month only by the redirection of costs for the CT-scan to medication and surgery.



Aside from the patients admitted to the NCH, the CT-scan will allow other poor patients to be properly diagnosed by the high quality Siemens scans, medicated and hopefully saved. This CT-scan will be made available for patients of all government run hospitals in Greater Manila and the Philippines, which do not have a CT-scan. Networking and linkages among these hospitals will allow admission of patients from Manila and all corners of the Philippines.

These hospitals are:

1. National Children's Hospital
2. National Center for Mental Health
3. RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine)
4. Tondo Medical Center
5. Jose Rodriguez Memorial Hospital
6. Las Pinas Medical Center
7. San Lorenzo Ruiz Medical Center
8. Valenzuela Medical Center

Each hospital has an average of five requests for CT-scans per day. An average of 60% of patients cannot be diagnosed.


The vision is to provide prompt, cost-effective, accessible diagnostic equipment with excellent quality not just for the patients of the National Children’s Hospital but also for the patients of the seven other Manila government hospitals who are without a CT-scan

The Siemens CT-scan would be used to its maximum capacity. This would amount to approximately 15-20 patients per day. Over 6000 lives can be saved per year. The additionally available funds, redirected from all the hospitals social service can be used to save an additional 30,000 lives per year. Approximately 40,000 lives can be saved with this one Siemens CT-scan



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