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Philippines Charity

Philippines Charity Org. is a small, established charity and prides itself as a most efficient and transparent charitable organization.

Philippines Charity saves lives on a personal basis, on the spot, immediate, without wasting time and funds for operational expenses whatsoever - just pure help.

Philippines Charity builds infrastructure for victims of natural calamities, supports projects in Manila's slums  and covers the expenses for diagnosis, medicine and treatment of critically sick and totally impoverished children. Children who - without Philippines Charity - would otherwise die. 
(Every day countless filipino children die due to malnutrition or the lack of medicines costing less than USD 20.--, but even this small amount is too much for these extremely poor families - their children die). 

This we wish to change. This is our mission.   

Philippines Charity has saved the lives of many hundreds children.

Please help us save more.

G-W. Hoffmann
Philippines-Charity Org.


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