Philippines Charity

Who do we help?

children that are critically ill, poor and confined to hospitals
children we have personally viewed and who's doctors we have personally consulted
children with low costs of treatment. That means we save lives for sometimes as little as USD 30.--
children so poor they cannot be helped by their family
children not helped by social welfare or anyone else
children that will die without help
children who's lives cannot be saved but only eased
Dying children with last wishes
Children regardless of ethnicity, gender or religion

How do we work?

We regularly visit pediatric wards of major hospitals. The respective doctors will refer to us the sickest and poorest patients. We then personally view these patients, we see the medical reports, diagnosis, cost plans, proposed outcome, etc. Then we act swiftly and cover the expenses. In about 95% of all cases the child's life can be saved. 

There are so many charities. Why help Philippines
Needless to say, helping any reputable charity is a good cause. But Philippines Charity is very different:

We know and see the children personally. We know their doctors.
We act swiftly and DIRECTLY
We know exactly where the money goes. Transparency for donors is vital.
We personally see the results
We have ZERO operational costs*
100% of all funds help save lives
We are highly effective. We save lives for less money than any other charity!

*compared to over 40% of some other charities in the Philippines.


How big are our operational expenses?

Zero. 100% of all charity funds are used to save lives. This is unique among charities!
All people behind Philippines Charity work voluntarily. All operational costs are shouldered by Per-Andre personally.



How can donors be assured money reaches the designated purpose?

All donors receive easy-to-understand medical reports and cost, patients photos, email addresses of the responsible doctors and - if available - email and contact numbers of the patients. Financial transparency is of essence. Donors can also request to support individual cases which they themselves can monitor and follow up.



Our work is well known to Cardinal Rosales, head of the Philippines church (see photo), to the DOH Assistant Secretary Elmer Punzalan, the German Ambassador to the Philippines, the renowned German Club Philippines, various Hospitals, the Philippine press and obviously to the hundreds of children and their families who's lives have been saved by the Philippines Charity. 

How can I help?

Please contact us for information on the children and the projects that are currently in
desperate need of you.

Philippines Charity
Makati City

patient at one of Manila's pediatric wards

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