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Compassion, helping and sharing was deeply rooted in the soul of Norwegian Mabel Viken, then sprouted with the charitable activities of her son, German-Norwegian Per-Andre Hoffmann, a worldwide renowned photographer and writer for newspapers and magazines as i.e. National Geographic Magazine, Time; Life, Vogue, Stern, Geo, Zeit, Süddeutsche, Welt, etc... ) and media consultant for various governments. Witnessing the world’s misery up close, eye to eye inside slums, death- and warzones, Per-Andre started by supporting numerous individual cases worldwide.

While living in Brazil he has funded impoverished children in Salvador's hospitals, as government consultant in Cuba he has personally organized large quantities of vitally needed medicines, in Cambodia he has sponsored countless children with various ailments, with malaria tests and treatment. Until now a large part of his entrepreneurial intake flows into these charitable activities. Now, living
part-time in the Philippines, he has focused his main attention to victims of natural disasters, desperately poor and critically sick children within Metro Manila and the Philippines. His activities also include building infrastructure and upgrading the condition of selected government run hospital facilitiesPer-Andre is president and welfare-director of the renowned German Club in Makati ( ). 

Philippines Charity - the people: 

Per-Andre Hoffmann - Director & founder    pah7000 at
Sherry Ann Sambas RN - charity manager  sherrysambas at

Dr Manuel Olivieri - consultant
Rainer Wolf - assistance

Photo: Directors and Doctors of Manila's National Children's Hospital present Per-Andre with a certificate of appreciation (the late Dr Robert Enriquez, Dr Myrna T. Valencia, PAH)




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