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Philippines Charity

Philippines Charity Org. is a small, established charity and most likely the country's most efficient and transparent charitable organisation.

Philippines Charity saves lives on a personal basis, on the spot, immediate, without wasting time and funds for operational expenses whatsoever - just pure help.

Philippines Charity covers the expenses for diagnosis, medicine and treatment of critically sick and totally impoverished children. Children who - without Philippines Charity - would otherwise die. 

Every day countless filipino children die due to the lack of medicines costing less than USD 20.--, but even this small amount is too much for these extremely poor families - their children die. 

This we wish to change. This is our mission.   

Philippines Charity has saved the lives of many hundreds children.

Please help us save more.

-Andre Hoffmann
Director & Founder
Philippines-Charity Org.

pah7000 at gmail.com

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